Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ever get tired of making a gazillion milk bottles?

This is my solution
I do realize that I haven't at all...this summer. And I would like to remedy that and catch everyone up on our summer. Hopefully that will happen sometime soon. But I'm pregnant with twins, so I make no promises.
In the mean time, here are some really cute pictures of my children from today:




i am janae said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! That gallon bottle is hilarious! Who knew it could fit like that? This is really gonna come in handy with the twins. ;)

shay said...

so stinking cute

Loni said...

Now that is funny! I love it.

Your girls are getting big, they grow even faster when you don't see them every Sunday!!

The Little Fishers said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha!! That's awesome.