Monday, September 20, 2010

The Grotto

So I was trying to co-ordinate a hike with some friends this weekend and was super excited about it until I realized that Bart has class every Saturday morning.

Normally I'd just take Addison and Hannah by my self, but carrying Hannah in a backpack on a hike right now may not be the best idea...especially since the doctor doesn't want me carrying her much anyway...and I doubt Bart would have been too thrilled with an idea (he's becoming very protective of me with respect to picking things up). So I resigned myself to the fact that I probably wouldn't be going on any more hikes until after the twins are born. Sigh.

Then, come Saturday morning, Bart ended up NOT having class!!! I was so bummed! It was too late to catch up with our friends, but I was DETERMINED to go on a hike! So I forced a reluctant, thinking-about-the-loads-of-homework-and-yard-work-to-be-done Bart into the car with the kids and we headed off to The Grotto.

Now, can I just tell you, The Grotto has got to be the best hike EVER for kids. It's super short, super easy, and super beautiful! It literally only took us two hours from the time we drove out of our driveway to the time we drove back in. (Perfect for a guy who has a billion things to do). the way...isn't he the most handsome man you've EVER seen! I know. I'm lucky.
Addison, Hannah, and I did the hike last year with the Young Women. The trickiest part for kids is the log bridges that cross the river. The first time I saw them, Addison was up front with one of the young women and I was a little way behind. I thought, "Oh no, is Addison going to be scared of these" (one is more than her height above the water), but she hopped on and walked right across without hesitation...AWESOME.

Fall has got to be the perfect time to take the hike too because the leaves are all changing and it is just gorgeous! Addison has always been a leaf collector, so she was in heaven.

Overall, Bart agreed, it was the perfect beginning to a perfect day. :o) The yard work got done, significant progress was made on the homework, and we had some fun family bonding time. Life is good!


Tabitha said...

Ok, I'm kinda jealous y'all are in long sleeve shirts. It's still in the 90's here.

What a fun hike though!

Why can't you lift heavy things? Is that just typical carrying twins safety stuff or is something else wrong??

i am janae said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry we missed you! As is, we would have gotten there really late, though, so maybe it's a good thing. :)

So where on earth is the Grotto?? The only Grotto I know of is in Zions and I'm doubting you drove four hours down to go on a short hike!

The Little Fishers said...

Wow. I'd like to go on that hike the next time we're in Utah. Where is it??

Bart's Rebecca said...

Tabitha, it's still pretty warm, I think it was in the 80s today. Since we were in the mountains it was a little cooler and it was shaded. But on the way back, it got hot. I think I'm ready for cool fall weather too.

Also, not picking up heavy things is pretty normal with twins. Despite how well that picture hides my belly, I'm nearly as big as I have ever been with the girls, and I still have 3 1/2 months left!!! It always got a little hard to pick up heavy things at the end, and I'm nearly end-size now.

Janae, No worries. I don't think we had time to do Stewart Falls anyway. Looking at your pictures I was jealous though. It's a beautiful hike...maybe I can meet Bart up there some weekday after school and try and make it before all the leaves are gone. And I'm TOTALLY going to try and do Cascade Springs before the snow too! It looks beautiful.

Janae and Amor, The Grotto is up Payson canyon (I think). It's the one where the Nebo Scenic Loop is...I'm pretty sure that canyon's called Payson canyon. Since you would both be coming from further north, it would probably take longer than 2 hours round trip, but it's awesome, and I'd love to go with either of you if you can make it down here. Here's some info I found on it.

Jones said...

hello, don't forget to mention how gorgeous you are! cute pictures!

I seriously miss the beauty and 'fall' of UT!!