Thursday, June 03, 2010

Who's the Fairest of Them All?

So over the past few days, TONS of people have commented to me about how fair Hannah is. I don't THINK she's any whiter than Addison was, but I don't remember people ever commenting on Addison's pale skin. The comments always include her fair skin and beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes are also the exact same color as Addison's. Maybe they're a little wider, but other than that, I don't think there is much of a difference.

Maybe it's because of the season. As the weather warms up people are wanting to bask in the sun's warmth, so maybe such a pale baby stands out among all the sun kissed people. We too enjoy basking in the sun's warmth, but it's never without our SPF 30+ baby sunscreen. I'll take pale skin over skin cancer any day. Especially with my kids. When they grow up if they choose to scorch themselves at least they won't be able to blame any skin cancer woes on me. I'm sure according to them I will be the source of many other wows, but with respect to the sun, I made sure they were protected when I was in charge.

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j@nAe said...

She's just a Nephite - white and delightsome! :) People always commented on how tan/orange Seara's skin was, and how she must love her carrots ... funny thing was, I never gave her carrots! She was just bronze by nature!