Sunday, March 09, 2014

Bye Bye Beard

As Promised, here are some of the Bye Bye Beard Pictures.  Top left is what we started with, and bottom right is Bart pondering whether it was a good idea to shave after all.  ;)
Untitled-1 copy
Some of Bart's students literally didn't recognize him the Monday he went back to school.  He saw a track kid in the hall and waved, but only got a confused look in return.  When he saw him at track that afternoon, the kid came up to him and said, "I saw you wave, but I didn't recognize you!"  LOL!

Also, another student who was most vocal about disliking the beard and asked daily when he was going to "shave that thing off,"  took one glance at his clean shaven face and said, "Grow it back out.  Now."

He was happy to get it off before track season really got into full swing...I imagine beard tans would be very difficult to get rid of, but these are two of the four little girls who watched in horror as their dad shaved off the beard they had grown to love:

Untitled-1 copy

"Beard Kisses" at bed time had become something the girls really looked forward to.  That night, after I gave her a kiss, Maya excitedly started to say, "Beard...." and then dejectedly finished, " more beard kisses."

Don't worry girls, dad has promised the beard will return next Movember.

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Jenna and Daniel said...

Those are fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Poor little girls. Have to wait 8 months before beard kisses again....sad.