Monday, January 14, 2013

Still Life

Still Life

This morning, at breakfast, we were discussing what a still life was.   (I'm sure you all can relate, it's a pretty common table conversation here in America).  So later in the day I asked the kids if they wanted to draw a still life.  All four enthusiastically assured me they did, so I pulled out some citrus we got from the store the other day, put it in a bowl, gave them some paper and crayons and let them have at it.

Still Life 1
I knew the babies would pretty much just scribble on a paper and call it a day, but Addison and Hannah really impressed me with what they did...especially Hannah.  I knew Addison was fully capable of drawing a recognizable bowl with fruit in it, but I could actually tell Hannah's drawing was.  Admittedly, it helped that I knew what she was drawing, but for a three year old I thought it was pretty good.  And so did Grandma, she asked if she could have it before she went home. 
Still Life
Next up, cubism.  I bet even the babies could get into that.  ;)

(P.S. I know I promised some Christmas pictures, and they will come.  I just had to get these up today because I knew if I didn't, they might never make it onto the blog.)


Christa Jeanne said...

You've got some seriously talented little artists on your hands!

Lori said...

They are so precious.