Sunday, January 27, 2013


So I was reading Karen Russell's blog today and just felt totally inspired.  I've been working hard at taking pictures (mostly of my kids) every day.  And while some of them are not technically perfect, I just LOVE the emotion I've been capturing.  Unfortunately I haven't been sharing them as much as I should here on the blog, so after reading her post, I decided to post one photo in particular that I absolutely LOVE of the twins:


For some reason these two little rascals LOVE pulling the cushion off this chair and climbing into it to play.  On this particular day, I grabbed my camera and asked them to give each other hugs.  Instead of throwing their arms around each other, Maya turned to Lilly and smashed her nose into the side of her face, and Lilly started giggling.  It was just so them!  Yes, they fight and take away each other's toys a lot, but honestly,  the moments like this make all the mediating I have to do at those times 100% worth it.  That picture isn't quite in focus, but I couldn't care less.  It captured their playfulness and love for each other beautifully.  To me it is emotionally perfect.  So thank you Karen, for motivating me to post it in spite of it's technical flaws.  :)

And here are a few others I took that day too.

Untitled-1 copy

Seriously, sometimes having twins really is the best. 

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