Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snow Time!

Yesterday this little lady begged me to build a snowman with her.


I looked out the window, and could FEEL the ice shimmying it's way into my boots and gloves and wanted with all my heart to say no.  But, we had a similar conversation last time it snowed that ended in no ice for me and disappointment for her.  I just couldn't handle that sad face again.  Plus the three other girls had just gone down for naps, so I thought we might actually have a shot at finishing. 

So we bundled up, and out we went. While I was technically helping her, I pretty much just started the snow balls and then let her have at it (until the end when she started to lose patience and the babies began to wake up). 


At one point I got this silly notion in my head that maybe I could actually get some nice snow portraits of her, so I asked her to look at my camera.  This is what I got:


The one on the left is her token "What?" face these days.  Every time she doesn't know what I'm talking about, she gives me this face.  The other is just testament to the fact that I have kids with big mouths...especially when they're missing their two front teeth.

Her boots and scarf got rather caked in snow at one point.

So she took a cookie break
_MG_5739 copy

Then she decided there wasn't enough snow in the ENTIRE BACK YARD, so we headed out to the front.

_MG_5751 copy

There may have been more snow eating than snowman making at that point.

Untitled-1 copy

She also decided it would be fun to kick snow at me.  She was pretty proud of herself. 
Untitled-3 copy

At some point, she decided the scarf was too much of a hassle and lost it.

_MG_5802 copy

Then she got back to work.

Untitled-5 copy

The only thing that would convince her that that head was too small was telling her the carrot wouldn't fit in it...(she was ready to be done at that point).

Then Hannah woke up and decided to come help...but she ended up mostly eating snow and picking icicles off the van. 
Untitled-4 copy

For the record, I do tell my kids not to eat snow.  They just don't listen to me...of course, it probably doesn't help that I'm behind the camera, snapping pictures of them eating the snow while I'm telling them not to...note to self, no more snow eating pictures.

In the end, we did finally finish the snowman.

_MG_5859 copy

Well, snow kid really...I doubt he was three feet tall.  But naps are only so long. 

He seems like a happy little guy, and in the end I wound up with a happy little girl.

Untitled-6 copy

Hopefully this will curb her snowman building craving until next year.  


janae said...

I relate to your commentary in this post a thousand different ways!

Ps Sam asked the other day if we could have you guys over. I know it's far...oh, wait. I don't even know where you live now. Email me, would ya?

Christa Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness, too cute!!! Way to sacrifice and spend time in the snow to create an amazing memory. :)

city said...

thanks for sharing.