Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Her First Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa

On Monday Addison wrote her first letter to Santa.  She didn't tell us she was doing it, but she did ask us how to spell a few words while she was writing.  Then she asked Hannah what she wanted for Christmas and wrote a letter for her too.  When she was done she brought us the note and told us she had to put it on the fireplace so that Santa's elves could come and get it.  I told her we'd have to mail it.  Mostly because I wanted to make sure we had a copy for future reference.  :)

Then, she came home yesterday with homework to write a letter to Santa.  So she made another one.  This time she didn't ask for help on anything, so it's 100% her own.  I can't believe my kid's old enough to be writing letters to Santa!!!  I LOVE it!

Here are the translations:
Letter To Santa for Sister too
Dear Santa,

What Hannah wants for Christmas is a Barbie house and barbies.
(side words, "I hope you like my picture.")

Dear Santa what I want for Christmas is a puppy

(Back - I think she realized she hadn't put her name on the front so she wanted to make sure he knew who was asking)
Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is a puppy.

Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is a barbie house and barbies.

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
What I want for Christmas is a dream light and a kite, and a kitten, and why do you like cookies so much?

(I'm going to have to teach her that usually you don't end a letter with "Dear")

I'm seriously in love with the Santa and the Elf.  Is this not like EXACTLY what you imagine a kid's letter to Santa to look like?  It's like she pulled the vision out of my head and put them on paper! I LOVE it!

I'm also glad she wrote the 2nd one because I don't think Santa's going to be bringing her a puppy.  :)

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