Monday, July 25, 2011

In Honor of Zeke's Memory

As a family, we decided we would get together and do something each year in June in honor of Bart's Dad's memory. This year, we did a session in the Provo temple, and then went to the Zoo.

Temple Trip Blog

On the way to the temple, Leonard realized that he had forgotten his temple recommend in the car they had left at our house the day before. Sam & Holly had to be back in Salt Lake at noon, so we went through the session without him, and he caught the session right after us. As a result we got to hang out on the beautiful temple grounds until he came out.

Temple Trip Blog

Charles was running in the Ragnar Relay, so he & Heather couldn't make it, but they thought Andy would love the Zoo so she dropped him off at the temple so we could take him with us. He loved the grounds too...especially the fountains.

Temple Trip Blog

Next up, the zoo!

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