Monday, July 25, 2011

In Honor of Zeke Part 2

As I mentioned before, the second thing we decided to do as a family that day was go to the Zoo.

Day at the Zoo

Now some of you might be thinking, "Wow, Rebecca's brave to head to the zoo with two nursing babies." And if you're thinking that, you're right...brave and a little foolish. Two nursing babies is VERY different than one. But I was sure I could do it. The kids wouldn't last too long at the zoo, and I'd bring my pump, pump right before we got there, feed the babies the pumped milk, and then be good for a few hours.

We hopped in the car and all was going well until I pulled out my pump...I had forgotten the breast shields to my pump. So much for my carefully planned day. I ended up just finding a corner to nurse. I fed one baby, then tracked everyone down and swapped babies so I could feed the other. Fortunately I had remembered my nursing cover.

Although at the beginning I did more nursing than animal watching (I gave the camera to Bart so we'd still have pictures while I was nursing), once I was done I was able to join in the action. And man, with so many kids, action was the right word. Almost everybody had somebody in their arms or being pushed in a stroller at one point or another...or at every point.

Day at the Zoo

Addison cracked me up with this map. She was determined to plan our route to all the animals she wanted to see. Fortunately some of the adults helped or we may never have made it.

Day at the Zoo

Bart's favorite was the reptile house. And really, the girls loved it too.

Day at the Zoo

After the Zoo we headed over to Texas Road House and met up with Charles, Heather, and Dallin for a BBQ dinner that would have made Zeke Proud. And when dinner was done, in true Francis fashion, we chatted outside while the kids played.

Dinner at Texas Road House

Overall it was a wonderful day. I can't wait until next year!

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