Thursday, December 16, 2010

Colds are the pits

Especially when having one means you can't see your babies! So, since I can't see my babies, I thought I'd post a few pictures of them:



I swear one day I will get a picture of Lilly with her eyes open!

They're both doing really well. Still nursing two times a day. They were both getting up to close to 75% of their feedings, then yesterday we had a bad day and they were back down to like 30%. And now I have a cold, so I can't go in to see them. Sad day!

But that's the way it is. Two steps forward, one step back...and colds don't help!!! I sure love my little girls, and hope I get better in record time so I can go and visit them again.


Loni said...

Sorry you have a cold, even sorrier you can't go see your babies! I hope it is a quick moving cold.
Maya & Lilly are beautiful, they look like they are doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Becca, your babies are beautiful! I'm glad you area all doing well...except for the cold part. :) I just have to tell you that great minds must think a like, all three of your youngest girls have three of my top four girl names. My #1 name is Abbi, then Hanna, Maija, and Lilly, in that order. I just thought that was pretty funny. :)