Thursday, May 20, 2010


So Bart's been complaining that I'm not posting lately. (Who knew my biggest blogging fan was my husband...I didn't even know he read regularly.) Honestly. I've been trying to get our Garden in, deal with sick kids, clean the house for an appraisal (refinancing), get ready for family and friends coming to visit, babysitting friends kids, leaving town for a graduation, a cold, etc.

And now he's left me again for a weekend painting in the grand canyon! How on earth do I have time to post!?!?

But, to relieve some of the stress I'm feeling, I thought I would post a few things Addison says that make me laugh:

Addison: On the Board
Translation: All aboard

Addison: Holly e you a
Translation: hallelujah

So the "all aboard" one is from her watching Dinosaur Train. I must confess, I actually enjoy this show. It's about a Teranodon family who has adopted an orphaned T-rex, and their adventures learning about dinosaurs while riding the dinosaur train. It's a cute, clean, upbeat show.

But perhaps part of the reason I like it may be because I picture episodes far in the future. Episodes where Buddy accidentally eats Tiny, or marries Annie only to discover she's his biological sister. I'm slightly twisted, I know. But seriously. He's a T-rex. Some day in the future that family harmony is going to be shattered by primal instinct. AND Annie looks EXACTLY like buddy. I wonder if Mr. & Mrs. really found that egg abandoned somewhere, or if there were shadier antics involved. And why Mr. & Mrs. Tyrannosaurus haven't brought up the issue.

Sigh. Some people have soap operas. I have Dinosaur Train and my own imagination.


Tabitha said...

Cute post. One of my favorite things that Benjamin says is "hand ga burr" for hamburger. Makes me giggle every time.

Chris, Becca, and Mckenna said...

Mckenna watches Dinosaur Train too. The other day they had an episode on all about dinosaur poop. Interesting to watch with a 2 year old...but I agree, it's one of the better shows. PBSkids has a good line up these days. Better than annoying Dora or Sponge Bob!! =)

j@nAe said...

I love Dinosaur Train as well, although I've never imagined the future possibilities - you've got me reeling! Buddy and Annie really do look like twins, don't they!?

leannewitney said...

We are slightly obsessed with Dinosaur Train in this house. Don't feel weird about all your thoughts you have had about the show. I've had them too! :)

JaNae said...

so funny. I love children's translations. Here are some from our family that we have added to our commonly used vocabulary. They always produce a smile!

hallelujah is pronounced:
"hal lay loo lah"

and bikini is pronounced: "boo kee nee"