Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring Fever and Swimming Lessons

So for the few days that the weather has been nice, Addison has REFUSED to stay inside. I'm lucky if I can get her to stay inside while I eat lunch. We've been playing in the back yard, taking walks, and going to the park in our neighborhood. She absolutely loves playing on the playground. She climbs up the stairs and slides down the slides. I went down with her and held her the first few slides, but then I realized that I didn't even need to help her, she was able to slide on her own! And I like it because she plays so hard she wears herself out and actually takes an afternoon nap! So I can get stuff done! YAY!!!

We also started swimming lessons yesterday. Addison did great! I thought for sure she would cry when I put her under water, but she just laughed and squealed. She blew bubbles, and reached out for toys and jumped into the pool from the side (with my help). She did great! It was awesome!!! I hope the rest of them go as well as this one.

Unfortunately it is supposed to snow once again. It won't change swimming lessons since they're inside, but we won't be able to play outside for a little while. Oh well. At least we had a few days.

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