Sunday, March 09, 2008

KeyKey & Nursery

Okay, so last week we went to Sam's Club. I was on the phone, and Bart took advantage of my distraction to put a giant (like we're talking 7 pound plus) coconut cake in the shopping cart. When I got off the phone I said, "Fine, if you're getting a cake, I'm getting this cookie dough." And grabbed a tub of cookie dough.

It was Bart's Brother (and sister-in-law's) birthday, so we took the cake up with us when we went to celebrate, but we were stuck with the cookie dough all week. Finally yesterday I made a ton of cookies, and we took them to a game night with some friends. There were left overs, so we gave one to Addison today. I went to get her some more wholesome foods for her snack, and by the time I got back to her she had devoured the cookie and was saying, "Keykey...keykey." Heaven help me, my daughter knows the word for cookie.

Today was also her first day in nursery. She did really well. I dropped her off, and she cried for about 5 seconds when she saw me leave. I hung around the door peering in the window for a little while, and saw her get over it and start playing with all the toys. At the end of the meeting session, I went back down and peeked in the window again to see how she was doing. Everyone was playing ring around the rosie around her and she was in the middle jumping, clapping, and laughing. I think it's fair to say that her first day at nursery was a success. :o)

I was really excited for her to go into nursery, but now that she's actually there, I miss her. I bet if I was to hold my squirming little girl for another two hour block, that missing would rapidly dissipate, but for now, I miss my little girl. :o)

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the Ricks said...

I love the way kids say cookie "key-key"!! Another favorite is cracker - "cah-cah". I'm so glad nursery went well for you - congrats!