Monday, April 09, 2007

Two Week Update!

Well, the past two weeks have been a ton of fun.

Charles & Heather came down for conference. We made yummy granola bars, and Bart & I got to go out on a date while Charles & Heather watched Addison. Thank you so much! It was a great date, even if it was brief. :o)

Then the next week the Bart's whole family was down for a wedding & a family reunion which was also a ton of fun. Addison got to hang out with her Aunts and Uncles which was a blast.
We also discovered that she is starting to get stranger anxiety. The night Bart's family came down she was kind of tired and hungry, and when she saw Bart's dad she started bawling!!! Fortunately, Bart's dad got to stay with us a little longer, and before he left she learned that playing with beards is just as much fun as playing with mom's hair.

Amy & Eric also got to come to our house for Easter. Poor Uncle Eric got a taste of her stranger Anxiety too. I think it was the hat he was wearing, but by Sunday afternoon she had warmed up to him too. It was fun having Amy & Eric over for Easter. I love having my siblings close by!

Addison's Great Grandma Francis got her this big pink bunny for Easter.

Addison LOVES it! It's fur is really long, so it's easy for her to grab and pull around. It's fun watching her play with it.

Addison is starting to push up onto her knees. She can only do it for a short amount of time, but I know it won't be long until she is crawling around. I am both excited and apprehensive. Excited because it's fun to see her learn new things. Apprehensive because that means no more setting her on her blanket and being able to leave the room for a few min because I know she can't get anywhere.

She also LOVES taking baths now. I have moved from laying her down on a little slanted thing in the tub to sitting her up so she can play. It makes it harder to wash her sometimes...especially in all the folds of her neck...but she sure likes it a lot more. She has two rubber duckies that she likes to play with, and she has just discovered how to splash. I'm not sure whether she likes the duckies or splashing more. I think when she splashes she's trying to grab the water. She first tries very softly, then a little harder and faster, and so on untill finally she gets a face full of water, at which point she looks very disturbed that someone would do so horrible a thing as to throw water in her face! It's pretty funny.

Emily, Bart's cousin who watches Addison while I'm at work, is moving. Her husband is graduating and he got a job down in Texas. I am SOOOOOO sad about it! I was seriously up for like 3 hours last night coming up with mischievous plots to make them stay. :o) Addison has such a great time with Emily. She just starts squealing and laughing as soon as she sees her. It's always hard to leave her to go to work, but I have to admit, seeing how happy she is when she sees Emily makes it a little easier.

The other day she had just barely fallen asleep as we pulled up to Emily's house. She was kind of falling in and out of consciousness. She's open her eyes, then they'd droop back down again. Emily always comes up to help me get the diaper bag and Addison in to the house. She was standing by the car when I opened the door and Addison's eyes opened briefly before falling shut again. Suddenly they shot back open and she gave this HUGE smile to Emily and started laughing and kicking. It was SOOOOOOO cute!
I know Addison will love being babysat by Amy again, but we will sure miss seeing Emily every day.
Well, that's it for now, so until next time, Au revoir.

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