Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Okay, so this is almost like another two week update. But in my defense, it has been a busy couple of weeks.

On Tuesday, March April 17th we left for Moab and were there until Friday. We had a lot of fun visiting everyone and watching the entire season of Firefly. I know, retarded huh. We go to Moab and spend hours watching TV!!!!! But seriously, it's an AWESOME show! Pretty scandalous in some parts, but in general awesome. I don't know why it got canceled before the first season was over. It has great character development and a pretty cool plot line, and is funny! We had already seen Serenity, so we kind of knew where the series was going, and I think that helped us really enjoy what there was of the season, but I really wish it wasn't canceled! There are still some things I would like to know more about! Like who is the Shepherd, and how come the Alliance made sure they cared for him when they found out who he was, and why is he so skilled with weaponry!?!

Okay, I know, totally lame. I've spent a paragraph talking about a T.V. show that most of you have probably never even heard of. I will get on to the rest of the weeks events now.

Moab was really fun. Addison had a good time seeing everyone. I was really worried that she'd be afraid of Bart's Grandma and Lee & Debbie's family since we haven't been there for a while, but she wasn't. She was smiling at them and going to them from day one. It was awesome! She even fell asleep while Grandma was rocking her!!! She NEVER does that any more!!! It was amazing.

While we were there we also spotted two little white teeth on her lower gums. At first they hadn't quite broken through the gums (you couldn't feel them, you could only see them). But now they have broken through! It's awesome! My little girl is getting teeth! YAY!

On Friday my parents and Stacy came into town. It was fun having them here too. Addison loved being thrown up in the air by my dad and playing with her aunt Stacy. Dad & Stacy went home on Sunday, but my mom ended up staying until Friday, so Addison got to play with her while I went to work. I love seeing her interact with both of our families, she gets so excited! It's adorable! She opens her mouth really wide and squeals and kicks her legs and flails her arms. It's adorable!!!

She's also getting really good at rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. We had a big scare the other day though. We were in a store with a bunch of rugs. One of them was very shaggy and Addison was having a great time playing on it. (It was quite a difference from our mostly worn away, hard carpet at home). :o) All of the sudden she started gagging pretty violently. Somehow she had pulled one of the rug pieces off and eaten it. It got caught in her throat and almost choked her. Fortunately she coughed it up and was okay, but it was really scary for a second. We were thinking about getting the rug because she liked it so much, but after that decided not to.

Now, you may have been asking yourself, "What were they doing in a rug store?" Well, we have a few rooms in our house that are rather long and narrow, so it's hard to figure out what to do with them. Since my parents are building their house, my mom took our plan to their interior designer and asked him how to use the space best. She brought us his design. Ever since then we've been itching to buy furniture and rugs and basically re-do our rooms. :o)

In fact, we went out and bought a couch! It was crazy because if you had told either Bart or I that we were going to get a couch the morning that we bought it we probably would have laughed at you. But, nevertheless, we had ordered it by the end of the day. We love it! There's so much more seating in our front room now! YAY!

We almost bought a second couch set for the other room too...fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) we came to our senses and decided to put that off for a little while longer.

For our anniversary Bart & I went to the Olympic Park and did the zip line. The scariest part was sitting in your harness with your knees up against a board that they would open and to let you fly out. I was having some serious doubts before they opened that door. But once it was open, it was really fun. We also went up to Salt Lake and had dinner at the Market Street Grill. Bart has been craving the crab since we went there last year for his graduation. I'm not the biggest fan of crab, but man was it good!!! Thank you so much Amy for babysitting!

Well, as you may have noticed by now we do not have any new pictures. Unfortunately we have not been able to find our digital camera since we got home from Moab. Hopefully we will be able to find it soon. But for now, Au Revoir.

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