Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And I thought they were cleaning...

I haven't been feeling very well lately.  I thought I was over it.  I even worked out Monday and Tuesday.  But then today at about 9:30 it hit me like a train.  My throat started hurting, I started feeling feverish and weak, I sounded like I was trying to cough up a lung, and all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep.

At 12:30 I put the kids all down for a nap (even Addison fell asleep!  Tender mercies!) and I was finally able to lay down.  I vaguely recall Addison and Hannah walking into my room sometime later to ask if they could wake up.  I told them yes and fell back asleep.  Some time later I heard the babies crying.  I checked the clock and noticed that Bart would be home soon, so I called in Addison and asked her if she wouldn't mind getting the babies up.  She said she would and I fell asleep again. 

The next thing I knew, Bart was coming into the bedroom and telling me he was fixing our sprinklers and need to run to Lowes.  He told me the kids were in the back yard and that he'd be right back.  I looked at the clock and it was 5:00!  I still felt exhausted, but I thought I should probably get up.

I felt a little light headed and dazed, but I hoped it would go away and headed to the back.  I noticed how sweetly the girls were playing with each other and ducked back inside to get my camera before they saw me.  I hid behind a bush and took this picture.

_MG_3176 copy

In my slightly dazed state, I thought, "Ah, how sweet,  they're cleaning the chairs."  And then I was spotted, so I came out of my hiding place to examine what they were doing a little more closely.

_MG_3189 copy

It turns out they weren't cleaning the chairs at all.

_MG_3190 copy

_MG_3191 copy

_MG_3195 copy

_MG_3196 copy

When I asked them why they thought it would be okay to color the chairs with sidewalk chalk they told me that dad told them they could color on the rocks.

I turned around and saw this.

_MG_3182 copy

Oh well.  Hopefully the sprinklers, or a freak rain storm will just wash everything away and I won't have to deal with it.  For now, I'm going back to bed.

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