Friday, April 12, 2013

Learning to Read

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Bet you didn't expect this post to be about Maya did you?  Yes, Hannah is also learning to read, and I will have to post a bit about her sometime, but I just had to share something that happened while I was cleaning this morning.

Maya had asked if she could watch Super Why. Now, if I let her, Maya would seriously watch TV ALL day.  She's a lot like Addison in that respect.  So I do try and limit what she watches.  And of the few shows I let her watch, Super Why is her favorite.  I like it too.  It teaches kids about letters, the sounds letters make, words, rhyming words, etc.  I needed to get some cleaning done in the kitchen, so I told her yes and turned it on for her.

I was listening to the show from the kitchen, and when Super Why asked the viewer what letters s/he saw on screen, Maya yelled, "N, T!"  Sure enough, a few seconds later, Super Why said, "N, T."  I went around the corner to see if she could do it again.

The next question that was asked was, "What letter makes the sound lllllll."  Maya yelled, "L!"

Not gonna lie, I was a little blown away.  Hannah is just now really learning her letters and what sounds they make, I can't believe my two year old is catching on so fast.  I think she really is talented when it comes to linguistics though...well, as talented as a two year old can be.  :)  She speaks very clearly and in surprisingly long sentences. I can't believe that a year ago I was worried that she wasn't speaking as well as I thought she should be.  Now it wouldn't surprise me if this one was reading (at least basic words) within a year. 

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Ashley said...

Awesome!!! That is so good!! She is going to be so smart! ( as they all are.. They come by it naturally I'm sure!! :) love ya