Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fourth of July - The Final Episode

The big plan for the 4th was to go up to Stadium of Fire.  I was going to take the older girls, and Bart was going to stay home with the younger girls.  Kind of sad for him, but I think he was secretly looking forward to an evening of doing whatever he wanted.

Unfortunately for us all, the twins and I all got pink eye.  (TOTAL BUMMER!)  I was still thinking about going, but my eyes hurt so bad I finally decided to stay home and let Bart go with the older girls.

So instead of spending the night with the Beach Boys and Scotty McCreery, I got to spend the night playing with the twins and then blogging about it.  :)

After Bart left to meet the older girls (they were in Provo already with my family) the twins and I headed outside.

The twins were happy for quite a while just playing in the playhouse.


Lilly is seriously obsessed with the door bell.

That and kicking Maya out of the house.  I don't think Maya minded much though...

She preferred to eat the smarties she dropped on the ground.

She wasn't very happy when I realized what she was doing and took them away from her.  She recovered though.

These pictures aren't perfect, but dang! This mama sure loves them.

After the play house, the twins decided they wanted to pick some raspberries.

Whether they were ripe or not..

Most were ripe though, and they went to bed with tummies full of raspberries, and their 2nd independence day well documented.  :)

Not your traditional way to celebrate, but I found it rather enjoyable nonetheless.

P.S. If Bart remembered to take pictures of the girls at the Stadium of Fire, I'll post them too, so check back later.

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Candice Craig said...

Your girls are precious!