Tuesday, December 01, 2009


So we finally started Hannah on solids today. She has had a bad cough, and diarrhea, so it wasn't hard to decide rice cereal would be the starter. She did really well...especially at first. After that she thought it was fun to blow raspberries whenever I put food in her mouth. Rather messy.
Which reminds me of a conversation that took place as I was giving the girls a bath the other day. It went like this.

Hannah: ::::blowing raspberries::::
Mom: Hannah, are you blowing me raspberries?
Addison: Blow them at me Hannah! Blow them at me!
Hannah: ::::blowing raspberries:::::
Addison: :::chomping on the air::::: yum yum, I love Raspberries, thanks Hannah.

I just about died laughing.

Anyway, back to first-time solids. Yes, they went very well. What do you think Hannah, did you like them?
I'll take that as a yes.


Loni said...

I think that is a definate YES! Very cute picture!

j@nAe said...

So I haven't had the internet for over a week (we've been out of town) and I'm way behind. I've read through all your posts, but I'm only commenting on this one. Don't hate me. :) I just want to say that the lighting on those last two pictures in incredible - it's PERFECT! Wow. Love it!

Annie said...

What a cutie! She's got an adorable smile.