Wednesday, August 12, 2009

California Vacation - Take Two

So we got to go to California again this summer. The best part about this trip was that Bart's family was also there, so we got to do things with both families!!! It was way fun. Here's the synopsis:

Descanso Gardens

Swimming in the Pool
And playing pool ball
(I came up with that name all by my self...aren't you impressed?)Isn't my sister beautiful?
Newport BeachAddison was pretty dang attached to her stroller...if we were moving, she was in it.Eating at Ruby'sCool Clouds
Corona del Mar
The Zoo
(Hannah was asleep in the stroller)This guy put on quite the show for usHe was seriously only like 5 feet away...way closer than we got to any giraffe in AfricaAnd this guy was humongous.
Just Goofing Off
My Parents got the new Cannon 50D for when they go to Africa to pick up my brother in September, and I must confess, my favorite part of the trip was playing around with it.
Especially when I got to take pictures of these twoAnd this oneWith her dadAnd this one with her dadIt was an awesome vacation that left us all feeling like this:


The Foulgers said...

That vacation sounds/looks perfect.

Christa Jeanne said...

Glad you had a fun trip! Sorry I couldn't make it up to L.A. over the weekend. If you come down here to Orange County again, though, give me a call - I'm only 15 minutes away from Newport/CDM! That's way easier than trying to get to La Crescenta in traffic.

janae said...

Man I love California. Both my parents are from there (my mom from LA, my dad from the middle of nowhere called Wasco). What a fun trip! And dude, I want to go swimming in that pool!!