Friday, June 26, 2009


So here's a bunch of pictures at the random going-ons at our house.

Bubble bath beards:Painting at dad's work.When she made the H in this picture she said, "Look mom, it's an H!" :) I told her that H was for Hannah. She said, "Yes." :o)Sisters Playing:Addison got the crown from my sister Amy who was at a study abroad in London. She has a wand that matches...someone may be a princess this Halloween.
Hannah is getting more and more alert. She's been teasing us with these little smiles for the past few weeks. We finally got a picture of it. Hopefully next time we can get a better picture.


Amy Collyer said...

I love Addison and Hannah! They are the cutest little nieces of all time! :)

charlesandheatherfrancis said...

Hannah is so cute! Don't you love those little smiles! Addison is quite the artist!

Jones said...

LOVE the painting! but need more pictures of Hannah!! lol

hey so Teresea just commented on my blog! lol I guess not only is she your Mom's step mom but also the mom of the husband of a friend I grew up with here in Florida! (Matthew and Heather Menzie) small small world!

Are you guys enjoying Bart's summer break? Or does he teach summer school?