Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving, Polkadot shoes, Bye Bye, and BAWT!

Okay, so I am way behind! But it's been a busy couple of weeks.

First of all we had a great time with Bart's family for Thanksgiving. Bart's sister made these cute little pilgrim's hats out of marsh mellows, cookies, and chocolate. Addison loved that...come to think of it, I think that's all she ate at the actual Thanksgiving meal. She got it ALL over her face! It was pretty cute though.
Addison LOVED Bart's aunt's dog, Bear. She would hold her hand out, Bear would lick it, she'd squeal and pull her hand back, laugh, and then hold it out for Bear to lick again. It was so stinking cute!!!

We went and got a Christmas tree with Bart's family. It's the first real time Addison has been out in the cold for an extended period of time. We were worried that she wouldn't keep her hat on (she hates hats) but she did a pretty good job.
The only bad thing about Thanksgiving is that Addison had a terrible cough. There were several times that she coughed so hard she threw up. Of coarse she was her usual happy giggly self right before and after, but it sure was messy to clean up. I took her to the Doctor on Monday, and they said it's probably just some cold she got. They said it may be allergies too, so they gave us some allergy medicine. I'm not sure if she got over it on her own, or if it was the allergy medicine, but she's doing a lot better now.

The main reason I didn't post last week was because I was working on Christmas presents. Bart and I are finally done. Well, we need to like deliver candy and stuff to friends, but other than that we're done. YAY!!!

Addison has somehow acquired a taste for fashion...well, shoe fashion anyway. Last Saturday while we were Christmas shopping we went to Payless and she grabbed these pink polka dot air walks, and refused to let them go. When I took them away from her so that the lady could ring them up she was not happy with me. We put them on her as soon as we got out of the store.

They are really cute. When she's not wearing them, she's trying to put them on her feet. It really is cute, and I'm happy she's wanting to wear shoes now...but the cute factor was somewhat diminished when she threw a fit when I wouldn't let her wear them with her Red and black scotty dog dress to church. Oh well, at least she now has shoes she'll wear.

Addison totally knows how to say bye bye now. Whenever she or someone else is leaving, she waves and says, "Bye Bye." Which really sounds more like "ba ba," but eventually she'll learn her Y's.

Addison also loves to pretend to talk on the phone. She'll grab the phone, put it to her mouth, talk into it, then had it to me. I put it to my ear, say, "Hello, yes she is here, just a sec....Addison, it's for you," and give the phone back to her and the whole sequence starts over again. Ironically, when I try to get her to talk to real people on the phone she just smiles or opens her mouth real big like she's surprised and refuses to make a peep. Kids!

Last week, Bart and I finally got our Christmas decorations up. YAY! I do have one more nativity to put up. But other than that we're done.

Addison LOVES picking up things, and giving them to you. Today as I was cleaning out the dishwasher, she crawled over, grabbed a spoon, and gave it to me. So I put it away. Then she grabbed a fork and gave it to me, so I put it away. This continued until we had put all the silver wear away! (I had taken out all the sharp utensils because I saw her coming.) I've decided this is definitely something I am going to encourage!

Today Addison also surprised us all when she was eating breakfast. I was feeding her in her high chair, and Bart came over to feed his frog, so Addison saw him and squealed with delight, "Bart!" (The r was more of a w sound, but the word was unmistakable). Then I was upstairs with Addison and called down to Bart to get me something, and after I had called to him, Addison looked to the door and called, "Bawt.....Bawt....Bawt." Until he answered! Then, at Church during primary Addison was being fairly rowdy, so I let her crawl in the Hall. Bart was teaching a class at the end of the hall and Addison heard his voice, so she bolted for the classroom. I ran to get her, and after I had picked her up she screamed, "BAWT!!!" And threw her head back right into my tooth. It hurt a ton, but fortunately it didn't break skin. Addison cried for a second, and wound up with a little bump, but other than that she was okay. I'm really going to have to start working on calling Bart Dad instead of Bart.

Well, that's it for now. It was a long one, but hopefully it won't be so long before I write again.

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